The Society of American Archivists (SAA)’s Latin American & Caribbean Cultural Heritage Archives Section is a forum for anyone interested in the issues affecting Latin American and Caribbean Archives housed in United States archives, and archives created by the Diaspora’s communities from the Latin American and Caribbean region.

The mission of the Latin American and Caribbean Cultural Heritage Archives (LACCHA) section is to create a space to exchange ideas and provide support among US, Caribbean and Latin American archivists about the challenges and opportunities of acquiring, managing, preserving and giving access to those archival materials not only originating from Latin American & the Caribbean and housed in the United States but also archival collections created by groups from different Diasporas coming from these regions and living in the United States.

Memoria banner and LACCHA logo created by Veronica Cabrera
(www.Veroarts.wordpress.com), 2013.


2 thoughts on “About SAA LACCHA

  1. To Ana Rodriguez , my name is Alyssa Whitney, my mother was Esperanza Galindez Antelo, my Uncle Guillermo “Willo” Galindez, a legendary basketball player from Puerto Rico , he played in the PanAmerican games for Spain…… The reason I am reaching out is because I own the portfolio Plenas, edition number 686, I am looking to sell the set for $1800.00 plus costs for shipping , My hope is that perhaps it finds its way into the hands of someone who can afford to have them preserved correctly , and to be viewed by more then just myself.

    • Hi Alyssa, I just discovered your message from July. I’m so glad, happy to learn you have a copy of the Plenas portfolio. I wish I could afford your copy, that would be a dream for me. Do you still have it? I don’t know at the top of my head of an archive that could collect and properly housed your copy, but I can search and see about it. Thank you for your message, Ana

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